Burn easy calories

It’s always the one thing people are looking for, and it’s often right before your eyes. I’ve said before that there is no such thing as a quick fix, or cheat method to stripping off a few pounds, and this is true. However there are thing that you can do to help boost your metabolism and add a bit of extra exercise to your everyday routine.

I am a big proponent of trying to boost your every day activity level. Not just through training in the gym, but in your everyday life.

Gym time is precious, especially if you are on a tight schedule and need to smash that workout. The people I see at my gym come in for one hour sessions, mainly looking to get stronger. My philosophy is to spend time as effectively as possible and hit the weights and equipment you only get in the gym.

If you’re into running, cycling, rowing or using the cross trainer, then my gym isn’t for you, we want you to get stronger!

I’m not saying don’t do cardio, far from it actually. But if you are into running etc, then get out and about and do it. Add it into your commute to work or morning routine. Let’s keep those one hour PT sessions for the equipment we can only find in a gym.

Also by separating your sessions you may find that a evening jog or cycle actually speeds up muscular recovery times, meaning that you get less soreness.

On top of that, perhaps the simplest way to increase the amount of calories you burn is just to be more active. This doesn’t have to mean you train twice a day, but, as a minimum try and do more. Walk more, take the stairs. Even if it’s getting of the bus a stop earlier and walking the final trip to work.

When doing this, if you can track your steps and set targets it offers easy motivation and a way to track progress. Start with 5000 a day and work up! A good target is 10000 a day, but more movement equals more calories in the bank.

Ultimately increasing the amount you move will only help you. It’ll help you build fitness and strip off those extra pounds. It’s not a magic cure, or quick fix, but the benefits go far beyond what you may think.



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