Hybrid training

The interest in physical training and exercise seems to be at an all time high, more gyms pop up all the time and we seem to be inundated with social media surrounding plates of food, pictures of booty shots and straining faces. But what do people want? How do people train and what is the current vision of a well rounded training routine?

There have always been trends in the fitness world. The general training population have always had a favourite form of exercise or fad. From Zumba to Crossfit we see things come in and slide out of fashion, currently powerlifting is having a boom, an injection of new blood and interest in a sport that both deserves and needs it. 

However, despite the new interest there seems to already being a swing of interest towards a hybrid approach to training. People, myself included are coining powerbuilding as the new training philosophy. A combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding, training for both strength, but maintaining the aesthetic to go along side it.

Crossfit is a perfect example of this hybrid training mentality, it is essentially circuit training. The same kind people have been doing for decades, mixing in with barbell movements and any other activities that fit. This in it’s self is the beauty of hybrid training, people love Crossfit, people get results from Crossfit and a lot of these results are due to the style of training. 

Much like powerbuilding, if we combine two differing forms or extremes we can stain the best balance from both, and that’s our goal, to be strong like a powerlifter and look like a bodybuilder. For Crossfit we want to be good at everything, to be able to run and swim at pace, and also Olympic lift. 

Hybrid, or mixed, or functional training programmes give balance and a good level of balance to peoples programming. Ultimately it would seem, that specific sports and training styles are for the few. Either the gifted athletes or the impassioned, dedicated fan. Specific training styles and sports will always have a small, specific market, most gym goers are after something more than just being strong or fast, big or flexible. Adding variety and combining techniques often produces the most well rounded athlete, and in turn most well rounded physique.

As trading styles develop, sports and training fads will come and go. But for now, the combination training that we are starting to see widely favoured can’t be a bad thing. Keep mixing it up, keep the body guessing and the results will keep coming. Use specific goals and train towards them, but don’t be afraid to mix it up every now and then. 

The most effective training programmes are always the next ones, the one we haven’t adapted to yet. 


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