About TFC

Hi, my name is Tom I’m a qualified PT and full time fire-fighter in Manchester, England. I specialise in giving people a completely personalised training and fitness service, no matter what your goals are, whether you are into bodybuilding, marathon running or just want to loose a few pounds I will try my best to help you achieve everything you want from your fitness or physique based goals. My own passion for strength and conditioning, a field I am always looking for greater experience and qualifications in!

Me & Ralph (my son)


I have always had a real interest in all aspects of health and fitness, from working on the beaches of North Devon lifeguarding as a teenager and working in and around gyms, to joining Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue service in 2008. I qualified as a level 3 personal trainer accredited by YMCAfit in 2015 and am a member of REPS (register of exercise professionals) Personally, I live and work in central Manchester and am married to my wife Erica. I also live with the two fittest people that i know, Holly and Bramble our English springer spaniels.

I started The Fit Controller in early 2015 and was exclusively a mobile personal trainer. In 2016 I decided it was time to up my game and open my own private gym, and so the new place was born! I’m really proud of the facility and have equipped it to my own high expectations.

The gym is designed to be a step away from commercial gyms. A place where you can train in a friendly, private environment. Nothing distracts away from the personal goals of each client at the fit controller, I wanted it to be a focused and pleasant environment for people to push themselves to the next level

Email me at: thefitcontroller@gmail.com

Phone: 07920132786

Facebook etc @thefitcontroller

Twitter: @trainingwithtom


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